Let me ask you three questions:

1. How often do you look at your phone?
2. How far do you let your phone get away from you?
3. When you get a text message, how many of those messages do you read?

The average person checks their phone once every twelve minutes!

Maybe twelve minutes is a conservative figure, Millennials and gen-Zites probably check their phones more per minute than they breathe!

Mind-Blowing SMS Marketing Statistics

These statistics answer one of the most important questions involving your choice of communication channel—will your customer see your message and respond!

  1. SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate. (Singlepoint)
  2. 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes (Forbes)
  3. Consumers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons.

Text messaging is also off-the-chart when it comes to response rate.

  1. 45% of text messages receive a response, compared to 6% of emails (Velocify)

2. The conversion rate  for SMS is also much higher than other digital marketing channels.

3. The average SMS campaign conversion rate is 45% (Salesforce)

Compare this to :

3.26% for email marketing

3.17% for Google Ads

9.21% for Facebook ads

SMS marketing’s conversion rate is 200% higher than the next best performing marketing channel!


There are many benefits associated with text message marketing. Below are the biggest three:


Reach a huge audience immediately, and all at once

Nearly 6 billion people have a phone with texting capabilities. When you consider the world’s population is 7 billion, it’s easy to see just how many people can be reached through text message marketing. Many of them are just outside the door of local businesses!

Text message marketing is effective

Cold calling no longer works because people don’t answer their phones for unknown numbers. Email marketing has its place, but still, many emails go unopened. But, 82 percent of customers read every single text they receive within 5 seconds of receiving it. That’s an effective marketing tool!

Customers love it

If you can market to your customers in a way they’re open to, they’re more likely to respond positively towards your advertising message. And customers love text messaging. In fact, while 20 percent of the messages in email marketing are considered spam, only one percent of texts are.

Here are just a few ways on just how you can use it for your own small business.

  • Salons and spas: Send coupons and discounts and tell customers about new products via text messages. You could also send health and beauty tips.
  • Entertainers: Want your fans to know when you’ll be performing? Text them your performing schedule and no one will ever miss a show!
  • Dental/Medical offices: Tired of wasting time calling around to remind customers about appointments? Set up an automatic text message campaign!
  • Non-profit organisations: Want to make it easy for people to donate to your cause? Or let them know about upcoming fundraisers? Save the most money for your organisation by using text message marketing!
  • Any small business: Text message marketing is a great way to promote your brand, increase customer loyalty, and gain new customers. Virtually any small business can use it to increase their revenue!

Forward-thinking businesses are starting to look at SMS messaging as a way to engage with their customers in a way that’s far more convenient, effective and afordable.

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